A Queensland man is going viral for charging at thieves in a video

A father’s frustration at the rise in crime in his neighborhood has been turned into a brilliant rant caught on camera.

Steve Lee was ‘unloaded’ in a big way after he saw a car full of young men pull up outside his neighbour’s house at Bridgeman Downs, north of Brisbane, about 2am on Wednesday.

“Hey mom, bitch, get the hell out of here,” Mr. Lee said on security footage, yelling at the men as they started walking down their neighbor’s driveway.

His bellowing voice echoed through the street and immediately sent the bandits into a panic.

“I just saw the red because I’m so sick of it, like everyone else, and I just got off,” Lee told news.com.au.

“And they hurt themselves. The driver went to take off without his companions, then the door was locked, it was one thing after another.”

The area has been attacked repeatedly in recent months, with several cars and homes in the outlying neighborhood targeted by thieves.

“They are always away from home,” Mr Lee said.

“I think it’s just those areas where there are nicer houses and they assume that ‘if you can afford a nice car, you’ll have more jewelry and cash.’

Mr Lee’s home is flanked by security cameras and his cars are fitted with tracking devices and immobilisers, but he is still ramping up his protection.

“We’re going to have contact alarms on all the doors and windows, and I just spent another $1,000 on some extra cameras,” he said.

All told, he’s looking for another $4,000 so he and his wife can feel secure.

“It’s hard to swallow that this is the day and age we’re living in where we have to spend so much on home security because of these scumbags who just don’t care,” Lee said.

“They don’t care if you’re home or not home, or if you have kids… It’s not hard to walk into someone’s house armed, that makes you a coward.”

Mr Lee’s video has gone viral on social media with thousands of people sharing and commenting on the clip.

“If he makes people laugh and ridicules them [the men] a little, then fine, but you can’t get any closer. I certainly do not hold back from shedding light on the subject,” he said.

“I don’t allow people to come into my house, where my wife and my son are, and because of what I’m torn apart.”

Lee said it was outrageous that the problem had become so bad that locals had no choice but to spend thousands on home security and personal protection to stay safe.

“Now thousands of people have reached the point where we have no choice.”

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Originally published as Queensland father applauds ‘golden’ reaction to would-be thieves

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