The woman looks unrecognizable in this 365-day body transformation

An American woman whose 365-day transformation is so incredible it has left some strangers “skeptical” has defended her remarkable achievement.

Bre Foster showcased her year-long efforts to prioritize her health with a mind-blowing before-and-after video.

It quickly caught on, racking up more than eight million views since it was shared in late 2022, but some claimed there was no way it could be the same person, noting the “after” clip had a filter.

Speculation has since led to Bre sharing the original video, claiming she only applied the filter to cover her fake tan.

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“Yes, the same person! But here is an unedited video with no filter to ensure full transparency,” he said.

“As you can see my self tanner is super patchy which is why I used the filter in the first place.”

Bre’s original video showed her posing in “early 2022” in gray shorts and bicycles.

She then showed her off ‘at the end’ of the year looking noticeably different, wearing a pair of figure-hugging brown leggings and a matching top.

“Remember if you start now, your future self will thank you, and your worth is not determined by how you look,” Bre captioned the 10-second clip.

“But you’ll feel a lot better when you focus on your health and make yourself a priority. “You’re worth it. Finally, don’t do it for anyone but yourself, because at the end of the day it’s just you vs. you So make it personal, because it is.”

Her video went viral, garnering thousands of comments that have since been hidden as many questioned Bre’s success.

“Definitely not you,” wrote one, before being shot down.

“I’m seriously struggling to believe it,” said another.

But in his follow-up video, shared without a filter, viewers are still able to leave messages, with many writing “can’t believe it” others question.

“Very inspiring and you should be proud of yourselves, keep up the great work,” said one.

“Spectacular, congratulations. All work has its reward”, wrote another.

As one added: “You guys are great. I can’t believe anyone was actually skeptical of the transformation.”

Bre has also shared a series of videos on her TikTok account showing her working furiously in response to critics’ comments.

“A great surgeon,” said one nasty comment, which Bre shared with a video at the top of her stop.

The fitness buff also shares inspirational videos for her 70,000 followers showing ‘game-changing’ gym tips.

In one video he recommends users try bicep curls on their knees, while in another he wrote: “We’re not skipping abs in 2023.”

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