Superorganism’s Orono Noguchi: ‘I’ve relaxed about my stubbornness to hate Japan’

Japanese vocalist Orono Noguchi isn’t afraid to say she’s not a big fan of her country. But his feelings have changed a bit ahead of his band Superorganism’s tour, which kicked off yesterday in Tokyo and will now head to Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, in support of the group’s second album, “World Wide Pop “.

“I’m more relaxed about the idea (of playing in Japan) now,” he says. “But the last time (in 2019), I was pretty uncomfortable. I mean, I still had a good time. But the crowds here tend to be a lot stiffer, which I’ve always had a problem with. And I was very open about it last time. But I think people have picked up on it now. So it should be more fun now.”

Then he adds pointedly, “And I’ve relaxed about my stubbornness to hate Japan.”

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