Fitness influencer Hannah Barry exposes the ‘toxic’ lies of the wellness industry

A UK fitness influencer is lifting the veil on the toxic lies the wellness industry uses to gain followers.

Hannah Barry is an online fitness coach who focuses on helping “women get strong and lean without sacrificing the foods they love.” New York Post reports

Barry has dedicated the past eight years to his fitness journey, but after amassing 94,500 followers on Instagram, he admits to some of the deceptive practices used by fitness influencers, admitting he used them in the past too.

“I used to be a really toxic fitness influencer,” Barry said in a viral TikTok video.

“Now I’m not that toxic and I want to tell you some bulls**t that goes on inside the fitness industry that you probably don’t know about.”

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He revealed that most of the one-on-one coaching sessions purchased are often not completed by the influencers themselves, but are usually done by “shadow coaches” who pretend to be the person who was hired.

The trainer also shared that “ab workouts are posted exclusively for engagement.”

“I never did any of the ab workouts that I actually did [posted]” she said.

“They just got millions of views. I know it sucks to say that, but it’s also so true. Ab workouts don’t actually build abs in any way.”

She advises viewers who want hard abs to do squats, deadlifts and heavy compounds to gain ripped stomach muscles.

Barry also cautions that smoothies, cleanses, detoxes, and anything similar that balances hormones is “all bulls**t too.”

“They don’t work,” he said simply. “You have a liver because your liver detoxifies your body for you.”

The revealing first video went viral with 86,800 views and hundreds of comments asking the fitness influencer to dig deeper while thanking her for her honesty.

He continued to expose the industry with other tips for people trying to reach their health and fitness goals.

“You can’t detect reducing your body fat,” Barry said in a follow-up TikTok.

The fitness trainer told viewers that ab workouts to burn fat are “absolute bulls**t”, explaining that you can’t tone a muscle or turn fat into muscle, you have to lose fat and gain muscle first .

“There are a lot of people with eating disorders in the fitness community. A lot,” she warned.

Studies have found that eating disorders, especially among teenage girls, increased during the pandemic, and a recent study found that TikTok promotes “toxic” diet culture and “glorifies” extreme weight loss.

On Instagram and TikTok, the hashtag #Thinspo has been banned and now redirects users to mental health and eating disorder resources, but similar hashtags like #Fitspo, #WhatIEatInADay and #BodyCheck abound disguised as fitness content and health

Thankfully, celebrities like Hilary Duff and fitness influencers like Barry are speaking out about eating disorders and the false narratives around health and fitness.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

Originally posted as Fitness influencer exposes the ‘toxic’ lies of the wellness industry

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