Jackie O Weight Loss: Weight Watchers Ad Reveals Depressing Truth

Jackie O Henderson has started 2023 by asking her followers to join her in losing weight. Yes, it still looks like a worthy New Year’s resolution. Forget about following your dreams; try counting calories.

When I came across Henderson’s post, it made me sad. Here’s one of the most powerful women in Australian media, and her big plan for 2023 isn’t world domination, it’s all about weight. depressing

Henderson, a Weight Watchers ambassador, took to Instagram to post a photo of herself in a red bathing suit and revealed she’s feeling better.

She wrote: “If one of your goals is to lose weight, feel healthier and feel more confident this year, join me on the Weight Watchers program.”

Henderson has been open about her weight loss journey since becoming a WW ambassador. She revealed in 2022 that she lost 10kg on the show but then fell off the wagon and gained the weight back, not exactly a glowing recommendation for dieting, is it?

During an appearance a Dawn, Henderson told Natalie Barr: “I think when you lose weight you’re like, ‘Oh shit, I’m never going to do that.’ I’m not going back to that again.’ Because starting is the hardest part, starting is the most depressing part. Because you think, ‘Why did I let myself put this weight back on?'” he said.

Henderson’s Instagram post hit me in the gut because it reminded me how problematic it is when celebrities start having conversations about weight loss with their followers. There are so many important things to discuss. Sure weight isn’t one of them? Personally, I’d like to know when intern Pete will graduate to junior producer.

Plus, when you look at someone like Henderson, who is so cute, funny, powerful, and interesting, I know she could be starting a lot more entertaining conversations on Instagram than boring ones about weight. I’ve never had a conversation about weight loss with anyone and walked away thinking, “Wow, that was a really fun talk!”

It reminded me of sitting around the dinner table as a kid and all the smart, clever, funny women in my family were listing weight loss as a goal for the New Year. As if the idea of ​​being a size smaller in jeans is the most exciting thing that could happen to them next year.

Unfortunately, Henderson’s discussion of weight loss enforces the idea that it’s a worthy goal when, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be. Yes, being healthier should be a goal, but surely we’ve reached the point in 2023 where we can recognize that weight and health aren’t completely connected. You can lose weight and not be healthy. You can gain weight and be healthy.

Still, I don’t judge Henderson for that choice—when you’re a woman in the public eye, your body is constantly scrutinized. don’t you believe me Last year, Jackie O and her on-air partner Kyle Sandilands were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame during the Australian Commercial Radio Awards.

When Sandilands and Henderson stood up and made a speech, Sandilands joked: “I thought Jackie was my best mate but obviously there won’t be sex because she’s piled on the pounds.”

Yes, that’s what he really said. Maybe it’s irrelevant because you shouldn’t make fun of someone’s looks no matter what, but Henderson looked beautiful that night. Like a cross between Barbie and Lara Bingle.

Henderson bothered me because weight on Instagram bothered me because I hate how weight can make women feel good or bad, even women as powerful and fabulous as Henderson.

Here’s the heartening truth, though: No matter how much weight Henderson gains or loses in 2023, she’ll still be the least interesting of her.

Originally published as Jackie O’s focus on weight reveals a depressing truth

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