Lula promises to fight for the poor and stop the deforestation of the Amazon when he is sworn in as Brazil’s president

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sworn in for a third term as Brazil’s president on Sunday, vowing to fight for the poor and the environment and “rebuild the country” after the divisive administration of far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro.

The 77-year-old leftist veteran, who previously led Brazil from 2003 to 2010, took the oath of office before Congress, capping a remarkable political comeback for the metallurgist-turned-president less than five years later of being imprisoned for controversy, since – Cancellation of corruption charges.

Giving an overview of the past four years under the government of Bolsonaro, who rejected the ceremony, breaking with tradition, da Silva, widely known as Lula, said his government will work to undo a legacy of economic decline, cuts from health financing. , education and science, and the “stupidity” of plundering the nation’s resources for private gain.
“Above these terrible ruins, I pledge to rebuild the country together with the Brazilian people,” he said, promising to fight to improve the lives of poor Brazilians, work for racial and gender equality and achieve zero deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. where the destruction emerged under Mr. Bolsonaro.

“The mandate we received, in the face of opponents inspired by fascism, will be defended through our democratic constitution. We will respond to hate with love, lies with truth, terrorism and violence with the law.”

The charismatic but controversial Lula arrived at the ceremony in a black Rolls-Royce convertible, accompanied by First Lady Rosangela “Janja” da Silva and Vice President Geraldo Alckmin.
Tens of thousands of red-clad supporters cheered loudly as his motorcade rolled slowly down Brasilia’s Esplanada dels Ministries, escorted by dozens of bodyguards.
Security was unusually tight for the ceremony, with around 8,000 police deployed, after a Bolsonaro supporter was arrested last week for planting a tanker rigged with explosives near the capital’s airport, a plot that saying it aimed to “sow chaos” in the South American country. . .

Police said they arrested another man on Sunday who tried to enter the secure area of ​​the opening ceremony carrying a knife and fireworks.

It was the first time since the end of Brazil’s 1965-1985 military dictatorship that an incoming leader did not receive the yellow and green presidential sash of his predecessor.
Bolsonaro left Brazil for the US state of Florida on Friday.

The resentment barely dampened the party spirit of Lula and the throngs of people who attended the New Year’s ceremony and a massive celebratory concert featuring acts ranging from samba legend Martinho da Vila until the drag queen Pabllo Vittar.

Lula faces numerous pressing challenges at the Latin American giant, which bears little resemblance to the commodity-fueled dynamo he ran in the 2000s.
They include restarting economic growth, curbing the rampant destruction of the Amazon rainforest and delivering on his ambitious agenda to fight poverty and inequality.

In a sign of the country’s polarization, far-right extremists have been protesting outside army bases since Lula’s narrow victory on October 30, calling for military intervention to prevent him from taking power.

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