The main challenges of TikTok in 2022

There’s no denying that short-form video app TikTok has taken the world by storm, and it’s doing so mainly through its viral challenges.

Bizcommunity reports that the platform entered 2022 on a high note, having reached the one billion user benchmark during the latter part of 2021.

This change also saw the rise of subcultures like #BookTok and #FinTok, among others that were highlighted in the platform’s #YearOnTikTok review with the aim of putting the spotlight on the hottest and most current TikTok trends from last year

Following our roundup of this year’s top TikTok trends, we take a look at the biggest and most memorable challenges of the year with help from Filmora, Shane Barker and Briefly.

1. “In 2022, I will”

As people looked to set their intentions for the coming year with “2022 I will”, the New Year’s resolution spread like wildfire with the TikTok challenge garnering millions of posts just before the celebrations of the New Year 2021/22.

2. The challenge of learning something new

With the intention to make changes in the New Year came the intention to acquire some new skills and this idea is what TikTokers had with the “learn something new: hashtag.

It also gave many people a chance to show off their skills to give others ideas of what they might want to learn in the New Year.

3. The challenge of the magazine

A related challenge was the Journal Challenge, which is not necessarily a new challenge, but gained momentum in 2022.

TikTokkers participated in this challenge by posting a demonstration video explaining what changes they want to affect in their own lives over time.

4. The milk crate challenge

Arguably one of the most dangerous challenges of the year, this challenge asked participants to balance on a tower of empty milk cartons arranged in a ladder shape.

The participants had to climb the ladder without knocking over any of the boxes or falling on the way. Something that happened more often than not.

The milk crate challenge caused serious injury to many people and TikTok eventually banned the #CrateChallenge and also removed all videos tagged with “#milkcratechallenge” and “#cratechallenge”.

5. The Cha-Cha Slide Challenge

The Cha-Cha Slide Challenge is an old dance made new with the 2000 Mr. Song C that comes with instructions on what to do with the hands and feet.

The #ChaChaSlide challenge has become especially popular among parents with babies or pet owners who move their limbs as instructed.

6. Pass the phone

The Passing the Phone challenge was this year’s chance to roast your friends (with love, of course).

In this challenge, a group of friends will film a clip of themselves saying, “I pass the phone to someone who ____.” Then they fill in the blank with a spicy feature about someone in their friend group.

For example: “I’m passing the phone to someone who hasn’t seen a Harry Potter movie yet.”

The biggest thing about this challenge, though, is that you’re not supposed to know what the person before you said until you watch the entire video.

Locally, we had dance challenges like the Ba Straata, Hamba Wena, Tobesa and the #TriggerDanceChallenge that not only took the country by storm, but exposed our dance styles to TikTokers around the world.

*Compiled by Kaunda Selisho

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