New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Los Angeles Residents

Is it just me or has the whole new year’s resolution thing gotten a little stale? I mean, let’s be honest: who it doesn’t Want to eliminate credit card debt, quit smoking, and learn to play the accordion in 365 days? (Achieve this trifecta and you’ll be the New Year’s party guest everyone loves to hate.) How about this: Instead of aiming—and if you’re like me, failing miserably—to be a better person, simply resolve to be better angeleno?

Maybe if we spend 2023 fixing our weaknesses related to this mighty city we call home (first resolution: stop calling it “La La Land”), we’ll have the wind at our collective backs and a spring in the our step (second resolution: Explore LA on foot; see how easy that is?) to address some of these larger improvement goals in 2024 and beyond.

So, if you’re ready to start your journey to being a better Angeleno, here are a few suggestions to get you pumped and on your way.

  1. Stop texting “On the way” when you’re running late and haven’t left the house yet.
  2. Save water by showering with a friend. (After all, we are in a megadrought!)
  3. In fact, hit the beach this year. (The actual sand part with your toes in the water and all. Looking at it from the Pacific Coast Highway as you drive by doesn’t count.)
  4. Stop being the third car turning left at a yellow light.
  5. Stop calling him “Cali”. (See also “La La Land” above.)
  6. When you’re invited to a home in the Hollywood Hills, stop by checking the home’s value on Zillow before you decide to commit.
  7. Go somewhere in Los Angeles that really scares you. (If that doesn’t sound hard enough, try making it loud.)
  8. Learn the “names” of your neighbors, not just their dogs.
  9. Convince a local business to hang your headshot on the wall. (Note: This resolution only works if done ironically. If you’re already a celebrity, convince them to take your photo off the wall.)
  10. Stop blaming things on traffic.
  11. Stop blaming things on the weather.
  12. Stop blaming things on the “homeless problem”. Do something to help yourself.
  13. Stop rescheduling lunch.
  14. Become a master of LA Arcana. (Why is it called SigAlert? Who was Griffith J. Griffith? What is the city? full up first name?)
  15. Visit the 101-year-old Watts Tower.
  16. Walk all the way down Wilshire Boulevard from downtown LA to the beach. (Yes, it’s 15.8 miles, but you also have 12 months.)
  17. Stop saying “We should totally hang out” when you don’t really want to hang out.
  18. Check the top 10 places to visit in California off your list. (Then start working through the rest of the 101 list.)
  19. Know the name and boundaries of your neighborhood. (We’ll make this one easy for you.)
  20. Learn about your second assistant. (As in something beyond a given name, although that’s a good start.)
  21. Tear up your lawn. save california
  22. Stop taking up two parking spaces with one car.
  23. Stop texting or unwrapping a protein bar or applying eyeliner while driving. (You know who you are).
  24. Stop being surprised that there is traffic on the 405 freeway.
  25. Eat at all 14 of the 2022 Hall of Fame restaurants on the LA Times’ 101 Best Restaurants list.
  26. Make one of LA’s Social Equity dispensaries your go-to place to buy cannabis. (Here’s a list of 11 to get you started.)
  27. Finally, try public transportation. (And yes, LA has subways.)
  28. walk more Doomscroll less.
  29. volunteer (Not just during the holidays.)
  30. Once a week, do something social that isn’t just drinking (like haunting karaoke places or brushing up on your pub trivia skills).
  31. Stop leaving Arena before the final bell.
  32. Stop referring to Arena as “the old Staples Center.”
  33. Every time someone mentions the Beverly Center, stop saying, “Ani used to go on pony rides.”
  34. In fact, learn the names of the actors who play your favorite TV characters.
  35. Learn the local weather language. Start with June Darkness, Santa Ana Winds, Coastal Eddy, El Niño and La Niña.

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