Anna Kendrick’s Sunday Funday in LA includes hiking and disco

On Sunday Funday, the people of LA give us a play by play of their ideal Sunday around town. Find ideas and inspiration on where to go, what to eat and how to enjoy life on the weekends.

On a recent Sunday, Anna Kendrick spent the entire day in bed.

“But to be fair, I had just finished directing my first feature, so my body was saying, ‘No b…, sit down.’ For now, you’re done,” Kendrick quickly adds, like she’s being lazy.

Most recently, Kendrick has been directing a true crime thriller tentatively titled “The Dating Game.” It is based on the story of Cheryl Bradshaw, a 1978 matrimonial bachelor who later discovers that the charming bachelor she selected for a date – Rodney Alcala, played by Daniel Zovatto – is a psychopathic serial killer. Kendrick, who is also a producer, plays Bradshaw.

“To be using my brain in this way felt really exciting and exhilarating,” Kendrick says of directing for the first time.

“I think there are times when my hypervigilance comes across as controlling even when I’m not in charge, so it’s not great,” she adds, laughing. “It was nice to be given a lot of responsibility even though it was scary. I had more fun than I’ve had in years.”

The Tony and Oscar-nominated actress – who could pursue a career in stand-up comedy if she wanted to – has also been busy promoting “Alice, Darling,” a psychological thriller about a woman trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship. It’s a project that Kendrick almost turned down after coming out of a similar experience in his own life. But “crucial” support from her therapist and film crew helped her feel safe on set, Kendrick told The Times. “Alice, Darling” hits theaters in LA in December. 30, and Kendrick will be at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January. 14 to promote the film.

It’s rare for Kendrick to have a Sunday off these days. But he says he’s “keen to get enough rest” – once his work is done – so he can have plenty of energy for his “aspirational” Sunday, which involves a day of drinking at the pool, hanging out for an hour. walk and attend an immersive ’70s-themed dance party. Kendrick’s recap of her ideal Sunday in LA has been edited for length and clarity.

7 am: Eat breakfast as soon as possible or risk feeling hungry

I feel like I’m finally entering that phase of my life – and I don’t know if I’m happy about it or not – when I wake up at 7am at the latest. I used to be a champion of sleeping until noon, and it’s a shame that I’m one of those people who really can’t sleep. But it’s also enjoyable and feels enriching.

I’m also one of those people who has to eat within 90 seconds of waking up or I’ll burn your house down. I know a lot of people are like, “Why would I be hungry? I just woke up,” and I don’t relate. The only thing that basically gets me out of bed is the fact that I can go eat. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to fast for blood work at the doctor’s office, but I walk into that office and you’d think I was secretly plotting revenge on everyone. I always say, “Just do the blood draw and then I can have a power bar.” At home, I have to make a really boring plain breakfast in the morning because I’m serious, I wouldn’t wait for an egg to cook. I definitely have to eat prepackaged things like cereal or oatmeal or a bar or something. Like I’m not living my Chrissy Teigen life where I make a full, beautiful breakfast. I don’t know if it does or not, but I imagine it does. what do i know

8 am: A long and ambitious walk

If I’m being my best self this Sunday, I won’t wait for the sunset hike. I take a morning walk, because then it’s over. I used to live with the perfect one-hour hike, and now I’m closer to a zone where my options are this brutal, full-on three-hour hike or a 20-minute thing that just means you did it and you made it outside But if it’s an ideal Sunday, maybe the brutal hike near Laurel Canyon isn’t too brutal, to be fair, I’ve never quite done it, and I’m in very healthy spirits and I’m taking it easy. long walk And I feel really good about myself afterwards.

11 a.m.: Homemade cocktails by the pool

I recently got a pool for the first time in my life and I was always worried that if I ever ended up in a house with a pool, I wouldn’t use it. So I’ll say I rinse off and then get in the pool. I’m trying to force myself to use the pool, which I feel so weird saying, like it’s a chore. I know it’s supposed to be a dream, but I’m not exactly – I don’t know if you can tell by looking at me – a beach bunny. As if I were the whitest, most translucent little human being. So I’m already out on this long walk, risking a sunburn.

Once I get in the pool, I’m texting people until someone answers and wants to come. I feel like because I have a pool now, I have a bit more of a draw. It’s like my company is tolerable, of course, but I have a pool, so maybe you want to come? Also, I have so much liquor at home because I’m learning how to make cocktails, so I’m always making cocktails for whoever comes in and tries a new drink. Basically, any cocktail that has egg white foam is kind of a crowd pleaser. It feels like a nice surprise to go to someone’s house and get something with a nice foam top. I think especially if it’s a pool day, a gin cocktail is smart.

2.00 pm: Trash TV and takeaway food

I love this thing when you’re out with a friend and you’re both getting a little sun-kissed and you end up on the couch in towels like when you’re 8, and you’re snacking and watching. “Love is blind” or something. Ideally, we’d have a very high-minded poolside conversation that would talk about, you know, topics of the day and spirituality and psychology and all the fancy stuff. Then just blowing all our credibility watching trashy reality TV once we get in is the state of mind.

One of my favorite guilty pleasure things because it’s not cheap is Kitchen Crossroads. I like ahhh. It is so delicious. Everything they make is so delicious and wonderful. Spicy meatball pizza, Impossible cigars, and definitely some kind of pasta. I think they do a spaghetti carbonara where they mimic a real egg so perfectly, you even cut off the yolk and sprinkle it on top of the carbonara. I don’t know what they’re doing back there or what kind of black magic they have, but I encourage it.

16:00: Watch the sunset

I should definitely go back outside to watch the sunset. December sunsets are so crazy. Depending on the angle of the sun, it might be best to take a little walk around the neighborhood. We don’t have to go far because we had a very intense walk this morning, but a short walk to get the best view and maybe say hello to some of the neighborhood dogs. I’m too irresponsible to have a dog, but I need a fix every now and then.

We would be listening to music while we were walking. I’ve been out of the music loop for a couple of months because I was directing my first feature film, so I’ve been enjoying the curated playlists my friends have been sending me lately.

9.00 p.m.: Night Fever Dance

I would go to my friends JT [Swierczek] and Justin [Fix’s] event They wear these – I don’t even know what to call them – they are like experiences. One of my favorite productions they have put on was called Night fever, [which is currently on break]. It was kind of a half themed bar, half interactive theater, except if you don’t want to interact with the theater, you don’t have to. You can also be there in a 70s outfit, have a cocktail and watch, and everyone will come dressed like that. One of the last times my best friend and I went, we were both worried that we had gone too crazy and were going to look like an effort, but we were the least dressed up. They went really well with their outfits, and you make a splash on the lit dance floor, and everyone looks amazing. Everyone is so committed to the wardrobe and the vibe that you can’t tell who’s on the show and who’s not.

Night Fever arrives late enough that at one point one of the bus men runs in with all this pizza and says, “Someone accidentally delivered all this pizza.” At this point, you’re tired enough and drunk enough and hungry enough to say, “I’m going to eat this pizza.” So they don’t serve food, per se, it’s just a bar, but then there’s all this pizza delivery that shows up and people are just ravenous. But it seems so true, a 19-year-old saying, “I don’t know. Do you want a pizza?”

01:00: Clean up the glitter

If I don’t have work in the morning, I might stay out as late as 1am. After a night like this, especially where I’ve probably, even though I know better, committed to glitter on my face, I’m going to force myself to use a million makeup wipes and cleansing water before even of using a real cleaner. Because we all know that glitter is the herpes of the craft and makeup world. So you have to be diligent or it will just stick with you forever. I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep with my makeup on since I was 23, so I would try to be very, very diligent about making sure my face is still clean and hydrated. But tonight, I probably won’t be brushing my teeth if I’m being totally honest.

2am: Falling down a YouTube rabbit hole

I’ll probably end up down a weird YouTube rabbit hole. I love the ones like “A medieval expert breaks down these scenes for historical accuracy” or “A Harvard professor teaches you how to negotiate.” And I never absorb anything. I’m still as stupid as I was when I woke up that morning, but it’s very entertaining.

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