A woman’s finger was severed in a motorbike accident on the Gold Coast after she tried to break in

A woman is in hospital and a man is on the run after a dramatic motorbike crash following a break-in attempt.

David Brain, a pool technician, told 7NEWS on Thursday that he had left his car window in Brisbane while working for a client.

He went back to find a man trying to get in while a woman was waiting for him on a motorcycle.

“They must have seen me leave the window open and thought they’d come take a look,” Brain told 7NEWS.

She said she followed them across the road to make sure neither had managed to steal her car keys or wallet because she feared they would break into her home again.

The woman, still on the back of the motorcycle, was “going” to Mr. Brain.

“I was more worried about her than him, to be honest,” he said.

Mr Brain was filming the interaction and after the confrontation, he captured the moment the two sped off on the motorbike.

Dramatic footage then shows the bike crashing into a fence along the path and skidding down the pavement.

The woman managed to cut her thumb during the incident, before getting back on the motorcycle with the man.

He can be seen holding his arm with blood on his hand.

She was later found on a road before being taken to hospital where she is recovering.

Queensland Police confirmed to NCA NewsWire that police know the male suspect and inquiries are continuing.

No charges have been filed.

The woman remains in hospital.

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