Sascha Farley reveals how she lost 30kg in just nine months

A mum-of-four has revealed how she lost an incredible 30kg in just nine months.

Sascha Farley said finding a program that worked for her and changing her exercise routine helped her stay on track with her fitness goals.

She chose to participate in The Healthy Mummy’s 28-Day Weight Loss Program and has now maintained her weight loss for five years.

He had previously tried things like intermittent fasting and restrictive calorie counting, but it didn’t help as he said his confidence was at an all-time low.

“I didn’t think you could enjoy a healthy lifestyle, so I thought it was always deprivation and punishment in the gym or being unhappy with your body, so I couldn’t find the balance between the two. I didn’t have that knowledge and education,” said Sascha.

She said that increasing her protein intake helped her on her way to her goals by increasing her metabolism, helping to regulate her hormones and reducing her appetite.

She said changing up her exercise routine also helped, acknowledging that every little bit helps.

“Whether it’s the type, the time, the effort, it’s true that we’re conditioned to what we do consistently over a long period of time, so ‘shock’ your body and you’ll have a reaction! Weight training is amazing to change your composition,” he said.

She added that things like setting a baseline, like three workouts a week, helps you feel more motivated when you reach those goals.

Things like parking further away from shops or school drop-off also make a difference.

It also helped to increase her water intake by taking small sips throughout the day, eating every two to three hours, and drinking a shake twice a day.

“Having a Healthy Mummy smoothie for breakfast and lunch was amazing when I was doing it. It accelerated my results as I knew exactly what I was eating and they are so hearty, full of protein, vitamins and minerals. I used the recipe from chocolate, so I still get my calories,” she said.

She said swapping out her favorite things for healthier versions she might crave also helped her journey.

“I find that when I have the balance, I get better results because I don’t eat as much,” she said.

“Constant balance is better than trying to be good all week and overeating all weekend! I have a piece of flourless chocolate cake every day!”

Now, he said his confidence is at an all-time high and that comes from his improved health and energy levels.

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