Japan’s new unlimited cat subscription service soared online

December 15 was the launch day for Neko Hodai, which some observers call a cat subscription service. That is, for a monthly fee of ¥380, you can acquire a cat of your choice from a participating shelter and also freely return that cat to the same or another participating shelter.

Once word of the new service spread, many online cat lovers were immediately appalled at the idea of ​​temporarily owning a cat and then returning it, seeing the system as tantamount to animal abuse. Comments such as the following argue that, like many animals, cats experience a great deal of stress when moving to a new environment and should not be seen as an object that can be easily transported.

“This is disgusting.”

“This is madness”.

“Cats can die from the stress of moving. That’s really dark.”

“Poor…Treated as an object.”

“Is that even legal?”

“Cats should be given a home, not put through all the stress that comes with it.”

“You don’t have to subscribe to a service to receive a living thing.”

Much anger was also directed at the way the service is marketed. The name Neko Hodai uses the term hello which is often found in words like tabehodai (“All you can eat”) or name (“All You Can Drink”). These unlimited food and drink offerings provoke a sense of consumption at will with reckless abandon that is practically the antithesis of pet ownership.

However, Nora Neko Bank, the Tokyo-based company that runs Neko Hodai, explains on its website that the service is mainly aimed at elderly people who are able to provide good homes and who need support, but that they worry about what might happen if they did. he dies before his cat. In this way, Neko Hodai acts as a kind of intermediary between owners and shelters if a cat is suddenly no longer with an owner.

In addition to this application of the service, some others online argued that cat abuse and neglect has been around since long before Neko Hodai existed and there is a chance that the service could help reduce these problems in general allowing unfit owners to unload their cats with ease.

“Some people who don’t get along with their pets end up abandoning them. Returning them to a shelter seems more conscientious at least.”

“Being able to easily return them could prevent some people from abusing their pets.”

“There are not enough people to take care of all these protected cats. This could help take the burden off shelters.”

“The reality is that most of these cats will never have a home. And it seems like the price is so low that they’re not trying to make money off of it.”

Neko Hodai has no additional charge for accepting or returning cats and all cats are also spayed or neutered by Nora Neko Bank. It’s hard to say for sure without taking a closer look at how they operate, but it appears that Neko Hodai operates more like a public service than a purely profit-driven company.

It’s definitely not an ideal solution to an ever-present problem, but if handled with the utmost care, the basic concept seems like it could help reduce the amount of animal abuse.

Sources: Neko Hodai, Sanspo, Itai News

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