Big W Christmas toy woes leave Aussie mums fuming

Big W is at the center of a toy fiasco after a number of parents claimed Christmas was “ruined” as a result of buying their children’s presents at the popular Australian store.

Furious shoppers have flooded the Big W Mums Facebook group to claim items bought in store – many during Big W’s annual toy sale in June and placed on hold – were missing vital parts, causing the toys could not be used.

For some, the disappointment of seeing their children open presents full of problems was too much, and many took to social media to vent their frustrations.

Big W told that items sold in its stores are “occasionally faulty or defective” and can be returned to its local branch.

“At Big W we aim to provide great value and quality products to Australian families,” a spokesperson said.

“Occasionally faulty or defective products are purchased and we encourage these customers to return them to their local Big W with proof of purchase.”

However, a mother said she was “devastated” after her son asked for a Bluey scooter that had no handle after he had spent months asking for one.

“All my youngest son wanted from Santa was a scooter. For months he always said scooter and would never change his mind,” she wrote.

“Well, he opened it up and it didn’t have a handle, just the base where you stand and where the wheels are.

“We’re furious, devastated and very upset (he’s not the only one who got missing parts either). Even mum and dad were crying.”

Another mother said she bought Bluey’s table and chairs and went to assemble them for Christmas when she discovered “the chairs had been packed wrong” and caused a character to disappear.

“So upset. All my daughter wanted from Santa was a monster truck. We got it on layby and she opened it this morning and it won’t connect to the remote,” another mom shared.

However, the sea of ​​angry and disgruntled posts has sparked fury among the group, with many members arguing that it’s not Big W’s fault that the products are in trouble.

“Can we turn the page on Big W whingers. Seriously people, things are going wrong, Big W doesn’t make the products, they sell them made by manufacturers,” one woman wrote.

“I’m sure they will help with missing or broken toys as best they can! To say your child’s Christmas is ruined by a toy is ridiculous.

“Christmas isn’t really about the toys, it’s about so much more. Maybe focus on having all your loved ones with you and enjoy their presence, not the presents!!”

The post caused quite a stir, with some calling the situation “sad” and “disappointing” as others commented on how many people have had “missing pieces”.

“THIS!!! So sick of people saying how devastated their kids are because they can’t play with a toy for a day,” one person agreed.

“I’m actually amazed at how many have had parts, boxes, etc. It’s crazy,” commented another.

As one said: “Oh, I agree 100 percent! So many kids are being raised with materialistic expectations of Christmas and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. If a missing part “ruined” your Christmas / Christmas of your child, you need to take a deep breath and reevaluate.”

Big W’s Toy Mania sale takes place in June each year, with parents often queuing at midnight to hit the stores and grab a bargain.

With popular toys marked down by up to 50%, many parents will be stocking up ahead of silly season.

Those who have discovered issues with their items can contact Big W’s customer service team on 1300 244 999.

More details on the returns policy can be found on the Big W website.

Originally published as ‘Christmas is ruined’: Big W mums up in arms over toy sales fiasco

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