China rules out COVID-19 quarantine for international travelers

  • China will no longer require foreign travelers to enter quarantine starting January 8.
  • It is another step in moving away from the country’s zero COVID policy.
  • Until Monday’s announcement, strict requirements remained in place for incoming travelers.
China will no longer require foreign travelers to enter quarantine starting January 8 .
Until Monday’s announcement, strict requirements were still in place for incoming travelers, including five days of mandatory quarantine at a government-supervised facility and a further three days of home isolation.
But China made one This month, it dropped nearly all of its national COVID-19 restrictions in a move that has left hospitals across the country scrambling to deal with a wave of infections across the country.
The country’s top health authority, the National Health Commission, said China’s handling of COVID-19 would be downgraded to the less strict “Category B,” meaning the quarantine would no longer apply. It is the latest major country to move toward treating COVID-19 as endemic.
As China tightens its grip, the National Health Commission said it would strengthen epidemic prevention and control protocols at key institutions, such as those that care for the elderly.

In cases of serious outbreaks, a facility will adopt so-called “closed management” to prevent the spread of infections, the National Health Commission said.

China said it will also increase the vaccination rate among the elderly and promote second doses for people at high risk of serious illness.
In the same announcement, the authority said work and business visas for foreigners coming to China would be improved and facilitated.

Three years of zero-tolerance measures have battered China’s economy, fueling the continent’s biggest show of public discontent since President Xi Jinping took power in 2012.

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