The head of the great Russian shipyard dies suddenly, without any cause being given

A major Russian shipyard that specializes in building non-nuclear submarines said its chief executive had died suddenly on Saturday after 11 years on the job, but gave no details.

Admiralty Shipyards, based in the western port of St. Petersburg, announced the death of Alexander Buzakov in a statement. He had been on the job since August 2012.

His main achievement, he said, had been preserving and strengthening the shipyard’s order books for modern non-nuclear submarines, surface ships and deep-sea vehicles.

The Tass news agency said the shipyard is building upgraded Kilo-class diesel-powered submarines capable of launching Kalibr cruise missiles.

In April, Moscow said it had used a diesel submarine in the Black Sea to attack Ukrainian military targets with Kalibrs.

The shipyard said Buzakov graduated in 1980 and had more than 40 years of experience, indicating he was in his sixties when he died. St. Petersburg is the hometown of President Vladimir Putin.

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