Japan’s Christmas plans are pretty cold this year, survey shows

Christmas is considered the most romantic time of the year in Japan. There are countless TV dramas and anime series where a Christmas episode culminates with the two leads holding hands under a dazzling display of Christmas lights, steam rising from their mouths as they utter the words of their confession of ‘love on Christmas Eve.

But in a survey by Line Research (an offshoot of Japan’s Line messaging app), a romantic date between the two of us isn’t the most common Christmas plan this year. Going through the responses of 46,048 survey participants aged 13 to 69, when asked what their plans are for December 24th and 25th, the responses were as follows.

Nding Spending Christmas with my family: 51 percent

● Spending it with my spouse/lover, just the two of us: 33 percent

Nding Spend it alone (also includes having to work, attend class, or participate in regular school club activities): 19 percent

Nding Spend it with friends: 18 percent

● Others: 3 percent

Multiple responses were allowed (so the total adds up to more than 100 percent), but the largest group, which made up the majority of all responses, was “spending Christmas with my family.” While much of Japan’s pop culture fascination with Christmas began with its image as a romantic date night, it is also increasingly becoming something that families also celebrate together, perhaps because the moms and dads who went to Christmas Eve have dates they haven’t married yet. -A couple of days they still think of it as a special occasion after having children.

“Spending Christmas With Friends” is also bringing back the results of the Line Research survey, which it does every Christmas. After reaching a low of 12 percent in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, this year’s 18 percent is actually two percent higher than in 2019.

The survey also asked what respondents thought they would do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, both of which fall on the weekend this year, to which they answered:

Nding Spend the usual time at home: 56 percent

● Have a party at home: 30 percent

● Work / part-time: 14 percent

To go to see Christmas lights / tree / decorations: 8 percent

Drinking Going out for a drink or to a casual restaurant: 7 percent

Going to a fancy restaurant: 6 percent

Ing Traveling: 5 percent

● Shopping: 4 percent

Ying Studies / school club activities: 3 percent

To go to karaoke or other entertainment facilities: 2 percent

Here, too, the answers are quite random. Of course, the 6 percent who go to fancy restaurants and the 8 percent who go to see decorating displays follow the traditional “fashion date” protocol, but spending Christmas at home, apparently with family or friends close in the case of house parties, it’s by far the most common plan, suggesting that perhaps the best Christmas gift of all is simply spending time with the people you care about most.

Source: PR Times via Otona Answer via Hachima Kiko

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