The steam generator for Koeberg Unit 2 is expected to arrive by the weekend

Eskom’s Koeberg nuclear power station.

  • The last steam generator destined for Koeberg Unit 2 is expected to arrive on site next weekend.
  • Koeberg Unit 1 is currently on a scheduled outage and its steam generators will be installed.
  • One of the steam generators was dropped at a factory in China, but Eskom previously said all necessary repairs had been completed.
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The last steam generator needed for the life extension of the Koeberg nuclear power plant is on its way to the site.

Eskom, in an emailed response to News24, said the steam generator is expected to arrive at the West Coast power station by the end of the weekend.

“The last steam generators (sic) required for the shutdown of unit 2, which starts in October 2023, are currently in transit at the Koeberg site, they are expected to be on site by the end of the weekend ” said Eskom. . .

Unit 1 is currently in a scheduled shutdown for maintenance and refueling, as well as replacement of its steam generators. The three steam generators required for Unit 1 have been on site for a few months and are ready for installation.

The Unit 1 outage is expected to last just over 180 days, or about six months.

Koeberg will reach the end of its useful life in 2024. But Eskom has applied to the National Nuclear Regulator to extend the plant’s useful life by another 20 years. To keep the plant operational, certain modifications and safety requirements must be established. This includes the replacement of six steam generators.

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Earlier this year, the replacement of the steam generator in Unit 2 was postponed because the facilities were not ready to carry out the programme.

There were concerns that the steam generator replacement program at Unit 1 would be similarly delayed. But Eskom has assured that the facilities are ready and the programs are on time “currently”.

News24 previously reported that a steam generator originally intended for Koeberg’s Unit 1 had crashed in a factory in China. At a press conference in September, Eskom officials assured that the steam generator received the necessary repairs and was fit for use.

By September, five steam generators had already been delivered to South Africa.

Chief Operating Officer Jan Oberholzer also indicated that a steam generator intended for Unit 2 was identified to be installed in Unit 1.

Earlier this month, Eskom briefly delayed the scheduled shutdown of Unit 1 to December 10 to allow the grid to stabilize amid Stage 6 discharge.

The two Koeberg units have a capacity of 920 MW.

Now with the outage underway, Eskom said the prolonged outage would affect power supply.

“This will be the 26th refueling outage for Unit 1 since it was commissioned and will also involve the replacement of the unit’s three steam generators as part of the power plant’s long-term operating programme. The head of the reactor pressure vessel in this unit was replaced several times. times. years ago,” Eskom said in a statement earlier.

Outgoing Eskom CEO AndrĂ© de Ruyter told Parliament in September that the nuclear plant’s steam generator replacement program was “mismanaged” and that disciplinary action had been taken against relevant employees.

Eskom will release its annual results for the year ending March 2022 on Friday.

Meanwhile, South Africans are experiencing stage 4 load shedding.

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