The popular Christmas drink worse than a Big Mac revealed

After several years of quiet Christmases, some of us are understandably enjoying our first silly ‘normal’ season since the pandemic.

But while we want to enjoy the festivities, it can come as a shock when we realize how many extra calories you’re consuming just from alcohol.

A British study conducted by market research firm Censuswide and gym chain Fitness First found that the average office party attendee will burn 4,941 calories at work.

In general, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories per day for women and 2,500 calories per day for men.

But if you want to make healthier choices while still enjoying yourself, UK dietitian Terri-Ann Nunns said there are ways to enjoy yourself while keeping your calorie count in check.

“Some very simple changes can be made to ensure your calorie intake is reduced without putting a damper on your festive spirit,” she said. The sun.

Here are their six alcohol swaps that can help you enjoy your first ‘free’ parties in years.

1. Swap a large glass of wine for prosecco

Celebrating with bubbly instead of a big glass of wine will cut calories dramatically.

“A large glass of wine contains 220 calories, while a glass of prosecco has only 85 calories,” Nunns said.

“You often find that the sugar content can be lower in prosecco, which again gives it an edge when it comes to calories.

“A glass of prosecco will give you 1.5 units of alcohol, while a large glass of wine is likely to be around three units.”

2. Exchange a pint of beer for a bottle of beer

It’s a pretty simple solution. A pint of lager has 210 calories, while a bottle has 140.

“The term ‘beer belly’ does not exist without reason. Beer can be a big contributor to weight gain,” Nunns said.

3. Replace the Long Island Iced Tea with a Bloody Mary

Many of us love cocktails. But it’s probably a good idea to switch to Long Island Iced Tea, as the popular drink packs a huge calorie count, ranging from 355 to 770 calories depending on the ingredients used.

“Disregarding the potential for an impending hangover, the calorie content of this drink is more than a McDonald’s cheeseburger,” Nunns said.

“If you want to go for a healthier cocktail, choosing something like a Bloody Mary would mean you’d consume far fewer calories and could even get two of your five a day (vegetable servings) if you’re drinking 150ml of juice of tomato and if you then eat the celery stick.”

A Long Island Iced Tea can even have more calories than a Big Mac, which has about 564 calories according to the McDonald’s Australia website.

4. Change the gin and tonic to gin and tonic and slimline

Swapping out your blender for a sugar-free alternative will cut calories dramatically.

A regular gin and tonic has 100 calories and a slim tonic only 60.

“If you’re trying to control your weight, this is a really easy swap to make and the taste is pretty much the same.”

5. Swap the dessert wine for a glass of sherry

Most of us love a dessert wine, but it has about 118 calories.

A glass of sherry contains only 60.

6. Swap whiskey for vodka

A single shot of whiskey, which is equivalent to a 25ml measure, has about 64 calories.

For a healthier exchange, choose vodka served as a single measure. A 25ml pour is about 50 calories.

“A double measure with a sweet shaker like Coke is around 170 calories per pop, which is more than a schooner of beer,” the experts told Glamor magazine.

“So go for single servings and mix it with low-calorie soda and fresh lime.”

Originally published as Six Easy Swaps to Cut Your Calorie Intake During the Holiday Season

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