Ukraine’s Eurovision 2023 entry revealed in air raid shelter

  • Ukraine is the first country to name the song it will take to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Pop duo Tvorchi hope to secure a second consecutive Eurovision win for Ukraine.
  • Australia is among 37 nations competing in the 2023 contest.
Pop duo Tvorchi will represent Ukraine at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
His song ‘Heart of Steel’ is the first song confirmed for the 2023 contest.

The pop song references the war with lyrics that include the line “Don’t be afraid to just speak your mind.”

Dancers wearing gas masks and nuclear warning signs also appeared on the live online broadcast of Ukraine’s 10-act Eurovision selection contest.
The program was broadcast from a bomb shelter that had been converted into a television studio.

The location in Kyiv had originally been the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station before Vladimir Putin’s invasion forced people to turn it into an air raid shelter.

Halfway through Tvorchi’s act, singer Andrew Hutsuliak said he was surprised to be named the winning act.
“We will try to do everything possible to present Ukraine with dignity,” he said, adding that the support of the fans has meant a lot.
“We didn’t think we would win, but we want to thank everyone who supported us, who listens to our music and who is fighting on the front lines.”
Singer Jeffery Kenny said he is grateful to be able to share music in the midst of war.

“I just want to thank Ukraine,” he said in the live broadcast.

More acts and songs to reveal

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won this year’s competition, but due to the challenges of the war zone, the 2023 competition will take place in the British city of Liverpool.

The grand finale is scheduled for May 13, 2023.

Tvorchi is the fifth act to be confirmed for Eurovision 2023.
The event will hope to continue Ukraine’s successful track record.
From 17 appearances, the country has qualified for the final 16 times and won three times in 2022, 2016 and 2004.
Cyprus, Israel, the Netherlands and Slovenia have selected which artists they will send to Liverpool, but the songs have not been announced.

The 37 competing nations have until the end of March to nominate the artists and songs that will represent their countries.

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