Turia Pitt found photos of her two days after her accident

Turia Pitt has revealed the heartbreaking discovery she made while trying to sift through her medical records.

Pitt, 35, suffered burns to 65% of her body after she was caught in a grass fire while competing in a 100km marathon in 2011.

He told his podcast listeners Turia Pitt is hard work that for the past decade he had been trying to fix his nose so he could breathe properly.

Pitt recently saw a surgeon who said it couldn’t be done, so he asked his doctors to send him medical records from the past decade.

Boxes appeared in his house and he began going through them night after night to find any information related to his nose.

Among the files he found a USB, but he had no idea what he would find after plugging it into his computer.

Once it did, it found a file called photos.

“So I click on it and there’s a folder with dates on the photos, and the date of my accident was September 2nd, 2011, and there are photos in that folder that are dated September 4th, 2011” , he told his listeners. . .

“I knew it was going to be really hard for me. Now, do you think I took a step back, took a couple of deep breaths and thought about it some more, or do you think I just double-clicked?

She said the folder contained pictures of her in hospital, looking swollen, with parts of her skin now grafted back as before the fire.

There were also pictures of his bloody hands, which have been partially amputated.

Pitt said he looked half of what he used to and partly what he looks like now.

It was 10 at night, her family was sleeping and she was beside herself. She closed her laptop and picked up her son, who was only 10 months old at the time and was crying, and laid down on the floor.

After that, he made his bed on a sofa and just watched TV until 5 in the morning when he decided to go to the gym.

When she finished the gym, she cried in the car on the way home. He decided to keep going through the motions until it all came to a head two weeks later when he called the psychologist.

“It’s amazing, he came over, we sat down and looked at the photos together, which he said was important because maybe I’ve made it up in my head to be worse than it was,” she said.

“It turns out they were really bad, but it was good that he was with me and supported me. We talked about each of the photos.”

She said the reason it had bothered her so much was because, to her, she was injured and had woken up in the hospital a month later with a new body.

“I had gotten used to this new body, and this is who I am now, but it bothered me because I saw the old Turia and the new Turia at the same time,” he said.

She said she was coping as it was mentally taking her back to the hospital.

“It made me think about everything I’d lost … but it made me think about everything I’ve done since then,” she said.

Originally published as Turia Pitt found photos of herself two days after her accident

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