Fetish Barbie: Woman spends more than $71,000 on body modifications

An Austrian woman who dubbed herself ‘Fetisch Barbie’ has spent more than $48,000 (AUD$71,802) on lip fillers and other body modifications and has no plans to stop.

“My huge lips are probably my most polarizing modification, people either love it or hate it and I’m obsessed with it,” she said. the mirror.

A rising social media star, who has amassed more than 22,000 followers on Instagram and also has an OnlyFans page, said the ‘plastic look’ is her ‘fetish’. The New York Postreports

Starting at age 18, she had countless cosmetic procedures, including 50 to 60 lip injections and a breast augmentation to transform her breast size from a 30 AA to a 30 G.

Twenty-year-old Fetisch Barbie from Vienna described herself as a “professional disciplinarian of the male sex” and a “sex therapist” on her Twitter page.

She has a large male clientele who shower her with gifts. On his Linktree account, he even has a link to an Amazon wishlist.

“I will never stop having operations,” Fetisch said in an interview with For real. “I can’t live without it. I’m not addicted, but I’m obsessed with it.”

This story originally appeared in The New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

Originally posted as ‘Fetish Barbie,’ spends $71,000 on lip fillers and body modifications

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