Does the lemon and coffee recipe really work for weight loss? |

It’s that time of year when we’re all obsessing over our not-yet-beach-ready summer bodies, so we do the next best thing: try every fad diet on the internet that promises quick results.

Although the lemon and coffee recipe for weight loss is nothing new and innovative, the search results for this fad diet have increased significantly as we approach the summer holidays.

But does the lemon and coffee recipe really work?

Online fitness trainer Brittany Meyers says mixing lemon in your coffee isn’t the reason people are losing weight or getting a flat stomach.

In a TikTok video, discussing the weight loss trend, the fitness personality said that when someone is losing weight, it’s because they’re in a calorie deficit.

“There is no magic pill, powder or drink that will help you lose weight.”

Explaining why your stomach looks flatter in the morning, Meyers explains that it’s to be expected that your belly will look flat when you haven’t eaten for 8 hours.

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How to make the lemon and coffee recipe

The lemon and coffee recipe is very simple: mix the juice of half a lemon with ½ teaspoon of any instant coffee and add hot water.

Although lemon water can promote fullness, support hydration, and boost metabolism, lemons have no special fat-burning qualities.

According to an article from the Cleveland Clinic, lemon water simply fills your stomach without calories, which in turn helps suppress hunger cues that make you want to reach for carbs.

Coffee has a similar appetite-suppressing benefit, as well as metabolism-boosting benefits, which could explain the weight loss.

So the verdict?

No, the lemon and coffee recipe is not for weight loss. Although both coffee and lemons have half their respective health benefits, mixing them together won’t help you shed a dress size overnight.

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