Jim Cramer recommends these 5 healthcare stocks in 2023

Jim Cramer explains how healthcare stocks have performed this year

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday presented investors with a list of healthcare stocks that should be on their shopping lists for the coming year.

“Wall Street likes profitable companies with consistent results, good dividends and fair value stocks,” he said, adding: “The biggest [health care] The winners were boring, consistent traders with cheap stocks.”

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Cramer said healthcare stocks have held relatively steady this year because they tend to be recession-proof stocks, meaning they perform well regardless of the state of the economy.

Here are their choices:


  • Cramer predicted the company would have a breakout year in 2023, calling it “one of the best-run companies in any industry.”


  • Praising the vaccine maker’s acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals, Biohaven and Global Blood Therapeutics, he said Pfizer stock is a steal.

UnitedHealth Group

  • Cramer said he likes the “best of breed” managed health stock.


  • He called the stock a “great turnaround story.”

Edwards Life Sciences

  • Cramer says he likes the stock because the company’s underlying business has been strong, even though the stock is down more than 43% for the year.

Disclaimer; Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Danaher and Humana.

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