Hard Rock Café South Africa is rebranding

Hard Rock Café rebranded its Sandton location on November 25 in what Hard Rock Café South Africa marketing director Catherine Dickinson described as “a world-class localized experience”.

Hard Rock Café changes

To kick off this renaissance, the day didn’t fail to feel local, from the revamped menu featuring South African menu essentials, meat dishes and a music lineup that now includes local musicians like DJ Zinhle. The space incorporates local genres such as Gqom and Amapiano into the Hard Rock sound of electric-style rock and roll.

DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle performed on the opening night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Johannesburg. Image: Thahasello Mphatsoe, 25/11/2022

“Hard Rock Café is one of the largest music museums and memorabilia in the world, so it’s no surprise that music played a major role in this rebranding,” says Dickinson.

The brand dates back 50 years and has more than 192 custom coffee shops in different locations around the world. The South African rebrand was certainly due.

WATCH: Hard Rock Cafe South Africa is rebranding

@thecitizen_news #HardRockCafe has rebranded its #sandton cafe to offer a world-class localized experience. With 192 stores worldwide, Hard Rock Cafe aims to bring personalized coffee shops to every location. For South Africa that seemed to incorporate local music like #gqom and #amapiano, have local artists like #DJZinhle as part of the space and a new local menu. #thecitizennews ♬ original sound – The Citizen

“We wanted to create something attractive for the South African guest. We want people to feel included in the space,” says Catherine Dickinson.

South Africans can turn a space into a groove place; Hard Rock Cafe in Johannesburg they did it on their terms. The space has incorporated a family environment during the day and a more lively lifestyle at night.

Catherine Dickinson says: “Change the music and the aesthetic will follow. The rebrand is centered around four main elements; music, food, beverage and retail.”

South Africa is a diverse crowd, and creating something that appeals to everyone is a challenge. Dickens says: “We don’t have one thing that people come here for. We want people to come for different things, whether it’s the atmosphere, the music or the menu.”

We have seen many businesses rise and fall due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many brands were able to look at this moment to go back to the drawing board and come back with new concepts that have sustained them and helped them stay sustainable.

Without a doubt, people are looking for spaces that add value to them. With the brand in South Africa for over 10 years and this year being the first festive season out of lockdown, the rebrand comes just in time for the anticipated festive season.

The Hard Rock Cafe’s Sandton location hopes to offer a “lifestyle atmosphere in a safe space.”

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