“Old School” – A fun, sloppy time in the criminal underworld

When an actor used to playing supporting roles gets to take center stage, it can be a glorious thing to behold. With his long, thin face and aging physique, Yukiya Kitamura has rarely wanted to work on screen, but he had to wait until he was 40 before he started getting leading roles.

Maybe it’s because it’s gotten better with age. Now 48 years old and increasingly rugged, he is perfectly suited to Kotaro Ikawa’s film noir, “Old School.” Kitamura stars as Shinjiro Renjo, a private eye with a taste for alcohol and gambling who is first seen drunk at an underground poker game before passing out.

Bacchic’s rampage puts him in debt to the local yakuza, who ask him to make amends by finding the perpetrator behind a recent arson attack at his office. Meanwhile, Shinjiro is approached by a flight attendant of Filipino descent, Michiko Garcia (Iriya Take), who wants her to investigate the sudden disappearance of her friend, a Kurdish asylum seeker.

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