How innovative Vehicle-to-Grid technology can support a renewable future

According to a recent assessment by the European Environment Agency, up to 80% of cars in the EU will be fully electric by 2050. As electric vehicle ownership continues to rise, there will be a rapid increase in the number of zero emission cars. on our roads in just the next decade. While the transition to renewable energy is undoubtedly positive for the environment, this drastic transformation will nevertheless bring a series of challenges for consumers, communities and the stability of local electricity networks. To support the transition to renewable energy, innovative Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology offers a potential solution. V2G can harness renewable energy stored in electric vehicle batteries and feed it back into the grid at peak times, benefiting electric vehicle owners and entire societies. The first challenge to consider is the shift to more electric vehicles on the roads which will require the use of more renewable energy. This is already a common social phenomenon: the surge in energy demand that is instantly created when people wake up in the morning and turn on their kettle, or cook dinner while watching TV after work .

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