Try the four-gift rule for a more mindful approach to holiday gift-getting

As the holidays approach, there’s not much time left to find the perfect gifts! And this can be an anxious time for anyone who hasn’t finished shopping yet and has everything under the tree. Especially since, this year, household budgets are stretched even further than usual, adding extra stress to the already hectic holiday season.

According to a recent survey of French consumers by Ifop, carried out for the non-profit organization Dons Solidaires, 44% of parents fear that they will not be able to spoil their children as much as they would like this holiday.

Undoubtedly, this situation is linked to inflation, as well as to the successive global crises that have tested the purchasing power of consumers. But for some parents it’s also a matter of ecological considerations. Will our children really benefit from all those presents piled under the tree? Wouldn’t it be wiser to focus on moderation and more conscious choices, reduce the number of gifts and concentrate on those that are (really) likely to appeal to children the most?

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The rule of the four gifts

If that sounds appealing to you, you might be interested in a clever method called the “Four Gift Rule.” Released in the UK in 2016, and as relevant as ever, it’s based on four core ideas: want, need, wear and read. In other words, this method involves giving your children only four gifts, with one based on each of these four principles.

One will, within reason, be chosen from your offspring’s ultimate wish list. The second will be wearable (like clothes or shoes), and the third will be something to read (a book, comics, etc.). The fourth gift will be some kind of necessity that you were planning to buy anyway.

The method can easily be adapted to all ages and tastes, and is a great source of inspiration for gifts. Most of all, it’s a great way to avoid spending hours browsing the shelves of children’s stores, which can quickly become overwhelming during the holiday season!

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