Santa appears in conversation during the session of the Irish parliament

  • The Irish government has taken steps to allow Santa Claus a safe passage through the country’s airspace.
  • “Santa Claus will be given easier access to Irish airspace,” Irish head of state Michael Martin said.
  • According to reports, the Irish government has informed that the arrival of Santa Claus will take place on Christmas Eve.
Ahead of Christmas Day, the Irish government has taken steps to allow Santa Claus a safe passage through the country’s airspace.
During Taoiseach’s Questions, Irish Head of State Michael Martin was asked whether his government would allow the most recognizable residents of the North Pole access to Ireland.

“Can the Taoiseach confirm arrangements are in place for Santa and reindeer to enter Irish airspace?” asked Irish politician Cormac Devlin.

In a sigh of relief for Ireland’s well-bred children, Martin confirmed that such plans were in place and that his government would “facilitate access to Irish airspace” for the jovial regalist along with the his reindeer

Martin also made it clear that his government has received information that Santa’s arrival in Ireland will take place on Christmas Eve without any obstacles.

“Santa’s access to Irish airspace to be eased”

Irish Taoiseach Michael Martin

In 2015, Ireland’s Transport Minister gave similar reassurance saying the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) would welcome Mr. Keys.

At the time, Irish Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe said: “I have been informed by the IAA that a very large man with a white beard and bright red suit will be operating a low-flying sled with eight reindeer led by one with a big red nose,” adding that assistance would be available if Santa needed it.

Santa climbing the side of a building with the Irish flag in the background.

Credit: Julien Behal – PA Images

SBS News has contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs seeking confirmation of Santa’s approval to access Australian airspace.

At the time of publishing this article we have not received a response.

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