A Perth woman claims her botched manicure could cost her a thumb

A Perth woman has been told she could lose a thumb after contracting a terrifying bacterial infection from a manicure.

Sue, 48, has lived with excruciating pain in her thumb for the past two years after contracting a staph infection while getting a manicure at a Perth beauty salon.

She claims the technician mistook the bare nails for acrylics and began grinding them with a tool before soaking them in acetone.

“I did tell them it was my real nails but they still shredded them,” she told Nine News.

The 48-year-old spent five days in hospital after discovering a piece of bone in her thumb would have to be removed.

She says she continues to live with persistent, stabbing pain in her thumb.

“It’s really throbbing and you can’t get away from it,” he told Nine News.

She has now decided to take legal action against the nail salon for failing to meet ‘hygiene standards’.

“You wouldn’t go to a dirty dentist, so why would you go into a dirty nail bar?” she said

Originally published as Woman Claims Failed Manicure Could Cost Her Thumb

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