The mother left confused after finding strange “beans” in the bathroom

A mother has been left stunned after discovering small bean-shaped objects in her bathroom.

The woman was cleaning when she came across the strange objects. She went to a Facebook cleaning group looking for answers after she couldn’t figure out what they were.

Users provided their theories, suggesting everything from worms to raisins to moth eggs.

“It looks like what appears in a diaper when too many sultanas have been eaten,” wrote one mother.

Another thought it “looks like someone’s skin tags fell off.”

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Other people suggested that the objects could be toenail clippings, slugs, or stuffed with skin.

“They are much, much smaller than that,” the mom wrote in the comments.

The woman said her kids have moved out and it couldn’t be her mess.

“Google image search didn’t help. I’m thinking the wind blew them in,” he said.

Some told the bewildered mother they were larvae and posted similar images from a Google search.

After seeing the comment and doing some research, the woman gave an update on the bug theory.

“I have since discovered (and killed) three large black ants roaming around my bathroom window area at different times,” she wrote.

“So I conclude, with the help of the members) that they were ant pupae.”

According to Ant Ark, most species spin a silk cocoon around themselves, this is called a pupa. Inside the pupa a young ant will close.

The website states that pale yellow ants eventually emerge and quickly darken as their exoskeleton hardens.

The first batch of ants will be smaller and weaker than ants in established colonies because they haven’t fed much.

Originally posted as Mum pleads for help after finding strange ‘beans’ in bathroom

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